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TransX is an organization for those who - in whatever way - go beyond the limits of their sex or gender. No matter if on the way from man to woman or woman to man, no matter if the aim has already been reached or one is somewhere in between (which can be an aim, too) - everybody will find here someone who listens to him/her, has the same or similar problems; also tips or help in critical situations are offered.

We don't differentiate between transvestites and transsexuals because we believe that the transition is fluid like the one between man and woman, and because we want to give one another an idea of the numerous possibilities to live up to one's sexual and gender identity away from what is socially considered normal and dependent on sexual characteristics. All people are different and yet equal. It would be paradoxical if we, who rebel against strict sexual limits and dare to transgress them, created new ones. Not least we would also weaken our arguments for our legitimate concerns.

The existing variety throughout all interests, levels of education and sexual orientation is the advantage, sometimes also the problem of our group. It is impossible to offer programmes that are of interest to everybody without exception, therefore again and again teams are formed on special-interest-issues. Beside that we organize excursions, workshops, festivities, participate in political actions (mostly with reference to the community) and cooperate to overcome legal rules and to abolish discrimination in everyday life, in family and work.

The regular meetings in the respective room of the "Rosa-Lila-Villa" are open to all, also for non-members, relatives, friends and others interested in the topic. We also offer individual advice and help in the difficult phases of coming-out and going-public. Almost all of us have found that the fears of being recognized in the street, of provocations and of being considered ridiculous are worse than the real problems. The common ground of the group - supported by professional psychological help that we are glad to help arrange - is a good basis for the first decisive steps.

TransX initiatives

The lived gender has to be recognised by the state!

According to the decision of the Higher Administrative Court from February 2009 mayhems like SRS can not be considered as a requirement for the change of the legal gender status of Trans*persons. A new regulation had to be found.

On 28th June 2009 TransX invited all Austrian TG-stakeholder groups to a reunions to formulate a draft for future legal status corrections. In total agreement we passed a position paper: The state may not demand any medical treatment. The lived gender should be the sole criteria for legal gender reassignment. Curious valuations of psychiatrists should not be needful.

First European TransGender Council on Civil and Political Rights

For the reason of it's 10th anniversary TransX considered to organise a first European TransGender Network-Meeting. Now the First European TransGender Council on Civil and Political Rights will take place from 3rd to 6th November 2005 in the Viennese town hall.

This laid the foundation of the first Europe-wide TG-organisation TransGender Europe.

Petition for a Free Choosing of the First Name

More than 3000 people have signed our demand for a free choice of ones first name: "that human beings may regardless of their sex choose a first name, without being forced to undergo a gender reassignment-operation". On 26. June 2005 TransX handed these signatures with a petition over to the Austrian parliament. The committee of petition discussed the subject for the first time on 20. September. The topical development is documented at the homepage of the Austrian parliament.

Legal Information:

TransX - Austrian Transgender Association


Principal office: 1030 Wien, Kolonitzgasse 10/18
Registered association(ZVR): 397130198

Post adress: 1060 Wien, Linke Wienzeile 102

Bank Account: Holder: TransX,
BIC BAWAATWW, IBAN AT856000000092087608

For you

If you need help call us or write us.
We can answer in English.

If you are a trans* person who came to Austria to apply for asylum here please get in contact. We will be happy to support you.

Phone: +43 / 0680 / 24 14 748

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